Agbada is not just worn alone in Nigeria but has been knowing all over the world. Agbada is a long, loose-fitting, often embroidered gown having wide sleeves and a hole in the center for the head.

It is often regarded as African richmen outfit, in Nigeria, it is worn more by Yoruba men with a free-flowing outer robe (Awosoke), an undervest (Awotele), a pair of long trousers (Sokoto), and a hat (Fila). Agbada makes a man look outstanding and appear rich. It can be made with any fabrics. In those days, most men often use Brocade Dress Fabric to make Agbada but in recent time, senator materials appeared to be the best, although Agbada looks good even on Ankara/African print.

Remember, go according to your budget and make yourself look sweet. 

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